What are our challenges and objectives?



Governments are often unable to identify and develop a pipeline of projects

To assist governments to implement best practices successfully

PPPs need to broaden the scope of contribution to sustainable development

To promote quality infrastructure which are people-first

The private sector sometimes know about UNSDGs but lack knowledge on how to contribute to their achievements

To involve private sector in implementation of the UNSDGs through “People-first Public Partnerships”

The global community needs to have more evidence and examples of partnerships that deliver successfully on the UNSDGs

To target a collection of 500 People-first PPPs compliant with the UNSDGs, so as to create a sea of social, economic and environmental transformation all over the world

Enable environment for PPPs are challenging in developing countries and require radical improvement to attract the private sector


 To identify the appropriate enabling environments for people-first PPPs – and even in the most fragile countries with limited financing capacity and wealth