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International PPP forum in March 2016

Since the International PPP forum in March 2016, its Compendium of people-first PPP case studies for the SDGs was the largest mass mobilisation of People-first PPPs ever attempted. To directly support awareness raising and accomplishment for the UNSDGs, we invite everyone to join us by submitting their own project. The projects successfully submitted will become the basis of our best practice models and international PPP standards.

Committed to activity supporting the UNSDGs

We are committed to activity supporting the UNSDGs in creating partnerships as stated in SDG 17, as well as to build networks with other civil societies and public bodies. To that end, the UNECE International Centres of Excellence will work with us to utilise these projects to inspire and disseminate best practices and social good to transform the planet. Your project will thus be directly contributing to helping others to improve their lives, thereby creating new jobs, better livelihoods, and helping directly to save lives, particularly in the most fragile countries and the weakest economies.

Please send us the information and data we need to  ppp@un.org. People-first projects bring together public and private sectors, civil society and NGOs, that eradicate poverty, boost economic growth and prosperity and make the world's Eco system more resilient - People, Prosperity and the Planet!

These projects are selected in consultation with a large group of stakeholders and practitioners, namely the UNECE WP PPPs Bureau and Technical Steering Committee consisting of experts from public, private sectors, and representatives from the civil society, academia and consumer bodies.

Visitors to the website are especially welcome to comment on the stories contained in the case studies

Show us how these projects have impacted you and can work in your countries. Please also communicate with your local authorities and show them how 'people-first, public-private partnerships' can be a force for change, poverty eradication and sustainable development.