How are the UN Member States contributing to our work?

The International PPP Specialist Centres (ICoE) in some UN Member States gather best PPP practices and models in difference sectors contributing to the development of global standards. These centres are strategically positioned in different countries to accelerate the spread of standards and best practices in countries where there is a need for innovation, new technologies, efficient and modern infrastructure. They provide support inter alia through the Business Advisory Board and the editorial Board. Specifically, the specialist centres:

  • Conduct research within the sector

  • Develop and disseminate PPP best practices in the sector

  • Develop sector-specific capability development strategies for governments

  • Provide specialized training in PPPs

The UNECE PPP Business Advisory Board (BAB) has the vision to implement PPPs solutions to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The BAB advises the ICoE on the elaboration of international best practices and standards, and assists Member States with the implementation of PPPs.

The Bureau of the UNECE Working Party on Public-Private Partnerships (The Bureau of WP PPPs) was elected in November 2017. It is the organ who approves project proposals, endorses final project drafts, monitors project teams, and ensures project compliance.

In addition, PPP practitioners with relevant experience in delivering PPP programmes are welcome to contribute to the implementation of the WP PPP programme of work. If you are interested to join the roster, please complete the registration form and send it to