PPP waste-to-energy project in Mlawa, Poland


The companies Everbright of China and Novago of Poland joined forces in August 2016, in order to undertake the challenge of converting waste to energy. Phasing out landfills results in extra costs associated with the new technology used


Partnership between Everbright of China and Novago of Poland. EU for one programme to phase out landfills.  Investment in new technologies to convert waste to energy, reducing costs considerably

SDG Impact:

SDG 9: Innovative technologies to change waste to energy

SDG 12: Responsible production of energy, making it affordable to low income countries like Africa.

SDG 13: Climate action by reducing waste, while generating energy

SDG 17: International Partnership that drives private sector innovation and response

Compliance with UNECE People-first PPP criteria:

The Project:

  • Protected the environment by promoting a greener economy, controlling pollution
  • Increased access to essential services
  • Built resilience in infrastructure on climate change
  • Can be easily replicated and scaled up to achieve the transformational impact needed


This case study aspires to be People-first Public-Private Partnerships project and is published as received from the proponents.