Central Java Power Plant, Indonesia


Indonesia is a great place for foreign investments. Due to the economic expansion Indonesia has faced an energy shortage that should be solved with the construction of the Central Java Power Plant which bridges domestic demand and keeps Indonesia competitive


A possible energy shortage was avoided with the help of CJPP – the first PPP Project where PT PLN (State Electricity Company) is the main engine in cooperation with J-Power, the Itochu & Adaro consortium, the financial support of the Japan Bank for International Cooperation with the assistance of MoF fiscal support and IIGF Guarantee

SDG Impact:

SDG 1: Reduced poverty, by contributing to local employment

SDG 7: Affordable power supply

SDG 8: Economic growth as foreign investors would have more security on their investments

Compliance with UNECE People-first PPP criteria:

The Project:

  • Protected the environment by promoting a greener economy
  • Multiplied economic effectiveness with an impact on human well-being
  • Achieved equity, social cohesion and justice


This case study aspires to be People-first Public-Private Partnerships project and is published as received from the proponents.