Kindergartens Retrofitting, Mongolia


Lack of kindergarten facilities caused infant sickness and an irregular process of education. Moreover, the cost of heating the facilities was extremely expensive for public kindergartens and schools.


The Ulaanbaatar City Authority, in partnership with the Ulaanbaatar Development Corporation and the assistance of the Asian Development Bank and Japan Fund for Poverty Reduction, found a solution. PPP helped to renovate kindergartens and schools with the supply of heating equipment which met quality standards and provided cheap heating energy

SDG Impact:

SDG 3: Children`s health has been improved by the modern facilities in the kindergartens and schools

SDG 4: The quality of education has increased as upgraded education facilities provide effective learning environments

SDG 5: Gender equality was ensured as the Project liberated women from babysitting  

SDG 7: Affordable and sustainable energy was promoted

Compliance with UNECE People-first PPP criteria:

The Project:

  • Improved access to essential services (especially groups underserved)
  • Achieved equity, social cohesion and justice
  • Multiplied economic effectiveness with impact on human well-being


This case study aspires to be People-first Public-Private Partnerships project and is published as received from the proponents.