Invest in Africa, Ghana and Kenya


Africa is about opportunities, prospects, ventures and creativity and at the same time it is about uncertainty and gaps. There was no credible way for investors to find quality local SMEs and likewise no way for those local SMEs to be ‘found’ by investors. Likewise, there was no one central hub where new tenders could be seen by all and where various training and development programmes could be accessed in one place


Emerged project “Invest in Africa” has the aim to amalgamate these issues. The project includes two initiatives: The African Partner Pool (APP) – a cross-sector online business portal connecting local SMEs with international companies and the Business Linkage Programme providing coaching and mentoring

SDG Impact:

SDG 8: More than 11,320 local jobs were created

SDG 10: Inequality declined as income growth was achieved

SDG 17: Partnerships between local business and foreign investors assisted Ghana in long-term debt sustainability

Compliance with UNECE People-first PPP criteria:

The Project:

  • Improved access to essential services (especially groups underserved)
  • Achieved equity, social cohesion and justice
  • Multiplied economic effectiveness with impact on human well-being
  • Can be easily replicated and scaled up to achieve the transformation impact needed in Kenya


This case study aspires to be People-first Public-Private Partnerships project and is published as received from the proponents.