Production of organic bananas and vegetables, Haiti


Agricultural project for production of organic bananas and vegetables, Haiti


Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world whose economy is based largely on agriculture, which lacks small-scale investment to boost the productivity


The Government introduced an innovative PPP to increase the production of bananas, an important commodity in Haiti. It was financed by company equity capital and Government participation through a programme called FREH, jointly administered and managed by the PPP Unit of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and the Industrial Development Fund. The initial cost was US$14.5 million, with US$6.5 million provided by the shareholders. The project company introduced a certification scheme that allowed farmers to produce organic bananas to specific standards, so that they could be exported to foreign markets

SDG Impact:

SDG 1: Reduced poverty with a more sustainable livelihood for farmers

SDG 2: Banana production contributes to the reduction of hunger in the country

SDG 3: Better quality of food products to improve health in countries where the bananas are consumed

SDG 8: Promotion of decent work as farmers received 20 per cent of the profit in addition to their salary and more than 1000 jobs were introduced with the promotion of economic growth

SDG 10: Reduced inequalities as farmers have better living conditions

SDG 17: PPP for the goals to drive economic growth and support the agriculture sector in the country


Compliance with UNECE People-first PPP criteria:

The Project:

  • Protected the environment by promoting a more green economy
  • Impacted positively on human well-being
  • Achieved equity, social cohesion and justice


This case study aspires to be People-first Public-Private Partnerships project and is published as received from the proponents.