UNECE International Forum on People-first PPPs for the SDG



Background to ‘People first PPPs’

The International PPP Centre of Excellence supports “People-first PPPs”, that enhance the developmental  impact of PPPs, inter alia, their contribution to poverty eradication, more equitable income allocation , less dependency on fossil fuels, engaging with stakeholders in a meaningful dialogue while  building the capacity of public and private sector to deliver such projects . People-first PPPs are also projects which are economically viable from both an economics and business perspective and ideally have an economic transformational impact.


Role of the Forum

In this work the UNECE International PPP Forum plays a unique role by:

  • Reviewing and further developing the international PPP standards for the UNSDGs
  • Supporting the call of the UN Addis Ababa Action Agenda for identifying Principles for PPP in financing development for the future of the planet
  • Encouraging and showcasing “People-first PPPs” across different SDG related sectors
  • Bringing together the international Project teams that develop on-line  such standards and model templates for such projects
  • Providing a meeting place by which teams and governments can meet up and find ways to implement projects in their countries


The 2017 International PPP Forum

Accordingly the 2017 Forum will discuss the:

  • Ways and means of implementing its existing standards , such as Zero Tolerance Approach to Corruption in ‘People-first’ PPP Procurement and finalising the ones still to be completed, such as the Standards on PPP in renewable energy, water and sanitation and in Rail.
  • Looking to how the PPP can foster other critical programmes in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development a special session will be devoted to the role of PPP in the Empowerment of Women.


Special High Level Debate /Topics

In addition, the Forum also holds a debate on a specific PPP issue that is topical. They  will organise a debate on the role of PPP in promoting China’s one Belt One Road (OBOR) initiative focusing on the following question:

How can the international community support China to operationalise its OBOR initiative and develop more People-first PPPs?


Technical Steering Committee

The TSC is an informal body composed of Project Team leaders working on the standards, senior representatives of the International Specialist Centres; members of the Business Advisory Board; and representatives from the NGO community.

The TSC holds its meetings jointly with the Bureau and often in conjunction with Forum events. Its key contribution to the PPP work is to advise and provide guidance on the technical work of the Project Teams.  More specifically its role is to comment on the draft standards being elaborated; to make suggestions to speed-up the process of standard making and to enhance it in terms of quality and timelines; and to act as an informal body to build consensus amongst stakeholders as necessary.  The TSC also makes recommendations to the Bureau on prioritization of standards and scope of future work.

Further information on the project teams, the Standards and the affiliated centres of excellence is found from the website.


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