Workshop on People-first Public-Private Partnerships

One of the key objectives of the Workshop is to present and discuss a number of case studies from a number of countries (Armenia, Bangladesh, China, India, IIndonesia, the Philippines, Tajikistan, Thailand, etc.) that illustrate people-first PPPs. The case studies presented will be included in the revised draft of the UNECE Guiding Principles on Good Governance in People First PPPs for the UN SDGs, which will be the topic of a roundtable discussion. Input from participants on the draft Guiding Principles will be presented at the next session of the UNECE Team of Specialists on PPPs at its session in Geneva on 20-21 October 2016. Furthermore, the work of the UNECE on the draft Recommendation on PPP and Trade Facilitation will also be presented.

As part of the workshop, UNECE will also present its upcoming Recommendation on PPPs in Trade Facilitation. While a large body of guidance on PPPs in infrastructure (hospitals, toll roads, energy, etc.) exists, to date, little substantive work has been produced on PPPs in the domain of Trade Facilitation. This Recommendation draws upon the practical experience of practitioners in order to provide advice on PPPs in Trade Facilitation. Not only can traditional PPPs in infrastructure, like ports and improvements to rail and road networks, facilitate trade, but so can PPPs in specific infrastructure and supportive systems such as a Single Window system, a National Trade Facilitation Body, infrastructure support for port communities, trade and transit corridors, and coordinated border management.

Workshop on People First Public-Private Partnerships Photo

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