What are standards and why are they important?

International best practices in PPP programmes

The People-first PPP standards reflect international best practices in PPP programmes with the objective of creating a policy document guiding governments in the transparent selection process of a model and in general achieving:

  • Increase access to essential services
  • Promote equity
  • Increase efficiency
  • Be replicable even in the most challenging legal frameworks

Best practices on a global scale

This aids the replication of best practices on a global scale, even in the least developed and fragile states. Currently, standards in the following sectors are being developed and relevant documents can be found here:

  • Airports
  • Standard on Integrity and Transparency in ‘People-first PPP’ Procurement
  • Health policy
  • Railways
  • Renewable energy
  • Roads
  • Water and sanitation

Why standards?

The Sustainable Development Goals can only be met if governments join forces with the private sector, civil society and international organizations through global partnerships. Therefore, at the UNECE International Centre of Excellence, we are bringing together the expertise and standards to achieve this.

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