Mission Statement

To strengthen the impact of PPPs by putting people first in projects, eradicating poverty, supporting vulnerable members of society and protecting the planet.

Our commitment to transparency and partnerships

We fully commit to the principle of transparency in our work. That means we involve all stakeholders in the project teams developing standards. We give all members of the public an opportunity to make comments on the standards during the public review. Transparency supports the UN fundamental principles of independence and neutrality; so that our standards are not seen as being the work of any single government or private sector but have a universal appeal and stature.

What we do

The UNECE develops international PPP standards to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. These provide project models, templates and legal practices that can be adopted and used by governments to alleviate poverty, boost the economy and protect the environment. This work requires a global effort – which the UNECE coordinates, involving international specialist centres, project teams and the UNECE Business Advisory Board, working together to achieve real change on the ground.

Our meetings are the tool to gather best practices and disseminate them around the Globe.

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the delivery of public services have become a worldwide phenomenon and are generating great interest. PPPs combine the best of both worlds, but they also present a severe organizational and institutional challenge for the public sector. To address the challenge, the UNECE elaborates publications for policymakers, government officials and the private sector in the hope that all the parties to PPPs will benefit by examining best practices contained in the publications and ensuring their implementation.

Our international best practice and model standards help governments building their capabilities to develop a successful pipeline of projects which will be replicable, promote access of essential services, equity, increase efficiency and ensure that people are at the heart of each PPP project.

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Who we are

We are the UN organization that prepares international standards for 'People-first' PPPs which are compliant with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We undertake this work with the cooperation of Centres of Excellence that provide best practices on PPPs and international project teams who prepare standards under the UNECE standard-making procedures.

Geoffrey Hamilton

Geoffrey Hamilton Chief
Cooperation and Partnerships Section


Tony Bonnici

Tony Bonnici Senior Economic Affairs Officer


Claudio Meza

Claudio Meza Secretary
UNECE Working Party on PPP


Antonin Menegaux

Antonin Menegaux Associate Economic Affairs Officer


Natalia Ryazanova

Natalia Ryazanova Programme Assistant


How to get involved?

People are very welcome to contribute to our work and can benefit from outputs and deliverables that we develop.

Experts are welcome to:

  • Join project teams
  • Provide Case Studies
  • Peer review on our standards
  • Donate

Governments can cooperate with the Programme:

  • Organizing capacity-building for implementation and dissemination of our standards
  • Establishing Centres of Excellence

The UNECE Roster of PPP experts is a compilation of PPP experts willing and ready to contribute to the implementation of the WP PPPs programme of work. The roster is divided into 3 categories, as decided by TOS PPPs at its fourth session in February 2012.

This database was compiled by the UNECE secretariat on the basis of the information provided by individual roster members. The latter remain entirely responsible for the information included in this database. The information in this database does not necessarily reflect the views of the UNECE or of the member States.

Membership in the roster is open to PPP practitioners with relevant experience in delivering PPP programmes, and will be maintained and updated regularly by the secretariat. If you are interested to join the roster, please fill out the registration form and send it to ppp@unece.org.

Our standards are developed through public review along the seven-stage standards development process. All stakeholders enable to convene and offer feedback on on going projects.

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The ICoE requires the active participation of PPP experts to achieve its objective of producing global standards in PPPs:

- These experts are individuals who possess transaction experience in the field of PPPs, knowledge of project financing and understanding of long-term legal contracts.

- All PPP experts based in the ICoE contribute their time and knowledge on a purely voluntary basis. While they will receive no financial compensation, they can expect their work to be recognized as an important cornerstone in the development of international standards in PPPs.

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